‘We are one big family that is working towards the same goal'

The Driscoll’s team is young, enthusiastic and full of drive; this energetic vibe inspires me in my job. In 2012 I started to work for the Plant Supply department of the company. Plant Supply is responsible for the total plant production for growers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We make sure they receive the right quality and quantity of plants for their berry production. I like to have close contact with growers, so we can respond directly to the needs of growers.

After I studied Plant Pathology in Wageningen in the Netherlands, I worked for many years at different breeding companies. In several job positions I dealt with vegetable, flower and arable crops. The combination of desk work and being in the field is something I enjoy very much. For me, berries are just a wonderful product of nature with a lot of potential. What I immediately liked at Driscoll’s was the integrated approach of the whole berry chain. It is a nice process, where from breeding, to production, to sales and marketing, everyone has their own share.

Besides that, Driscoll’s has a set of important company values that each employee represents. We are all mindful to be passionate and humble in our job and to trust each other’s knowledge. It is great to see that we are one big family that is working towards the same goal; to make Driscoll’s a strong and efficient organisation that will grow even further in the future.